May 11, 2014

Miracle Awaits You - MAY.

I saw my friend's desk full of handwritten papers. I told her that I've forgotten (almost) how to write. So, instead of drawing, I writes words on my Instagram; hastagged paper53art.

Then I remembered that I have bad hand writing since school days.


Well I guessed that I should start writting. I mean - blogging. And what there is to tell if not about my life and childhood memories?

And here are my earlier childhood memories:








Happy Mothers Day, mom. Thank you for everything. I love you, mama. You were there in my earliest memory. And you will always there, in a very special place in my heart.

Feb 10, 2014

#tgif 10023014

My last blog-entry was 10th February 2013. Exactly one year ago. 

Congratulation, I may now hunts dragon.

Feb 10, 2013

#tgif 10022013

This is the only month where we can tweets or updates FB status with 'tgif'...everyday. And the only month where we can get February the 13th on the year 2013th. Yes, triskaidekaphobia-ed everything. If only we can get 31 days in February, we'll have a nice 31022013. Ok it settled, March the 3rd will be 31st February.

Wait, I think I've done 'February of Horror' some time ago.

Also today is my 3rd day having flu. According to my Chinese astrology reading, year of the Water Snake doesn't goes well with my zodiac. So here, I'm gonna stop and get my rest.

And this is how I'm wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Snake. (CNY-themed photo will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned).

Jan 3, 2013


First blog for the 2013. It goes 3-1-13.

Alright I've made a few changes to my blog layout. The first is to disable Mobile template that enable viewer to view this page in simple and adjusted to their mobile screen. I liked it but since I'm using tab to browse/blog, I found it very annoying to re-type the blog address so that my iPad can view it with normal desktop template. For example, if I opened my blog on this device, it goes which is mobile template. To view it on it's original template, I have to put 0 on the last letter - (That ?m= probably means mobile version while 0 means off and 1 is on). Good thing there were setting to turn it off in (or also to change to another nice mobile template).

Another thing is, I've put a photo header on this blog. It took me some time because I didn't know the size of my header. Its a trial and error. After that, I combined two different photos, so there's a Godzilla with Mt. Kinabalu on the background. Finally, I'd make it gradient-ly transparent. Nothing much actually. I did this just now in the office. Probably I have too much time. Now, I have something to blog on. Thank you. And Happy New Year 2013.

(Oh I almost forgot: I've put Instagram icon below the header, but mine is private, so feel free to request).

Dec 30, 2012

Five, keropok golden rings..

We used to create and sings our own '12 Days of Christmas' in Form 4. I've forgotten the rest of the lyrics but I remember when we goes 'Fiiiveeeee, keropok Golden Riiiings...' and of course keropok Golden Rings were famous during our time. The idea was T. Rizal B's, and he used to changed every lyrics he knows to something else. Or just changed the song titles. I'm not sure the originality of the titles like 'Under the Bo'bot', 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon on the Lolok Tree' or some other malicious sounding song titles but I guessed every teenagers or school boys did this in their time.

Okay back to the present time. If the 1st day of Christmas is on the 25th Dec, I guessed the 5th day is on the 29th. So next year's 5th day of Christmas sa mo golden ring la...oh wait...lama juga. Ahahaha. Anyway congratulations to my friend, the kakak of our life (hahahaha) for her engagement today 30th Dec 2012. And after for so long, I've finally reunited with the original 'pixelayerions' and also the rest of the teams. I guessed, 2012 is not so bad at all. No, wait, I think it's the best...(if only the government let me wrote the year as 0000 After Apocalypse). So, congratulation again, Girl.

Dec 23, 2012

Spinning World

Welcome, dear Readers.

It's the Second Day of the Year 0000 After Apocalypse. I don't remember what happen on the last day of 21st December. I guessed everything has been reset.

But I was wrong. The human mind might has been reset but the Earth still remember what we have done to it. Yes, there.. it keep telling me.."reredrum htrae"...whatever that mean.

Anyway, during one of my idle 'sick-bed' moment (I didn't go hunting Unicorn, apparently they will hunt you back if they manage to destroy the dimensions divider), I was thinking what cool super-power that haven't being 'ínvented' yet. So I go with Gravity Canceller. Like the name suggest, it will cancel or remove gravity from one person or one object by pointing at them. What was the effect? Gravity-canceller will nullify one's gravity from earth; and send him flying away to the space. Imagine if you at the equator and the earth spinning at about 1600 kilometers per hour, imagine if the 'glue' that holds you to earth doesn't work... okay imagine you spin a mud-covered soccer ball on the floor and see the mud go flying to all direction. That's how the Gravity Canceller work. But this power has weak point. It can't be use at the North or South Pole. You can try it but it will only make the object bounce a few centimeters or the person you targetting at will only feel slightly dizzy. Now good luck at that.

In another related topic, why was when we were little, we can spin round and around and around and around in axis without feeling dizzy? I remember I can go on faster and faster till I created a black hole and suck everything from the earth and the scientist and all that. But nowadays, make one sudden complete 360 turn can make me want to scream and hug the wall and demand the world to stop spinning.

Again in another maybe-related topic, I know the scientist. He is a Coldplay singing about his dead girlfriend while walking backward.

Dec 19, 2012

The Placebo Effect

One of earthlings...I mean human abilities, is natural healing power. Not that X-Man kinda power or dark-arts kind of ability. It just our body's self defence against diseases. I was, since were little, didn't like taking medication even when I got fever. Most of the time I just let myself heal by time (and I even goes telling my friends that the Panadol they were taking is just tepung with flavour). It is not that I don't believe in modern medication, it just when I took paracetamol, it don't have effect on me.

But not until in my early 30s (that's a few years ago), did paracetamol finally have effect on me. I guessed that I've used up all my natural healing ability and have to depend on modern medications. It started with a flu and fever a few years ago, which really horrible and painful that I decided to take a strong pain reliever (Panadeine), which the name suggest, a paracetamol + codeine. It was a happy trip.. I mean it really have effect on me that in just a few minutes after taking that medicine, I'd be hunting unicorns. But since I knew the side-effect of codeine, I only take Panadeine when really, really-really need it. When I took it, in a few minutes I fell asleep. (I brought panadeine during my recent Kinabalu climb and expecting to fall asleep and tumbling down the mountain after taking it. It didn't).

Nowadays, I just take paracetamol when fever/pain/headache. Compares to during my teen years and the twenties, now I can felt the effect immediately. I guess that before this, I strongly believe in my self-healing and let my antibody repel even the medicines that I took. So, goodbye antigen and thank you for taking care of me for so long. If any of you still inside of me, please multiply. No matter how fun it is to hunt unicorns and smashing rainbows, I still prefer natural self-healing.