Jun 28, 2008

End of Chapter.

i know about the wind.
it didn't blow. it just moving.

and sometimes behind the heavy clouds there is a golden light.

end of chapter - anytime now.

Jun 22, 2008

Tap Dancing around the World.

Thanks to havuk for showing me this video. My mind is at ease now.

If you follow Matt Harding news and progress a few years before (gamers knows him), well, he still doing this.

Jun 10, 2008

For the lack of better things to do - Pt 1

When i feel bored, which i usually do,
I'll look up the to the sky,
and it will always blue.

When i feel blue, (and why is that, i don't know too),
i'll go out, and shoot a photo or two.
(and here i give you 5 times two).

Crowned Crane.

Classic (Rolls Royce)

Wise Owl-ways.


Frog Prince and friends.

Red Monkey - 'No' monkey business.

Spiderwebbed - Duck or Swan?

More Owls.

Emerald Rabbits.

Crowned Crane and the Crane Wife.

But this was a month-ago story. Nowadays, the sky is full of rain. And the image of a girl in purple walking in the rain still linger in my mind.

Jun 4, 2008

All the small things..

The new place is cool. Which actually means hot. 'Hot' here refer to not-properly-air-conditioned room and 'nurses' in light blue-gray uniform that always tight in the chest and hips area.

So I decided to decorate our working desk.

*Piglet - courtesy of Tintin.

*Zaku, Qubeley (Gundam) and VF 1J (Macross).

*Gundam fleet.

*Double Shoulder Plasma Canon (whatever).

*Entry level Gundam (as if, dooh).

Anime+mecha fan, google mahq.
***Anyway, the 3 last pixs was not on the desk in our office.

They says smile to the rest, and die like the best. But small things is expensive. So I took pictures.

But wait, don't shoot me yet. 'Cos what I'm holding was simply the smaller notebook yet. And they told me it's affordable at it's best.

*Asus Eee PC. The guy holding the notebook should actually says "eee..."

*The term 'laptop' here is being abuse.

So be it. The term are being misunderstanding. But life is more than just living. And I'll start hunting.