Aug 26, 2008

Neko Shelter (pt. 2)

I broke one of my nail last-last week. So I finally cut them all.

Why? I mean, what's with the long nails? Its just grow. That's that. It's broke because I was sick a few weeks before. I knew this because my nails only broke when I do some extra heavy work or I fallen in sick. Yes, I realize I can grow my nails faster since I was in high school (busted, been sent to infront of class and show my nails to everyone by my teacher - as a class monitor at that time, my friends called me Kuku Besi). The same thing with my hair. They just grew faster. I think I'm going to be bald in my old days.

Here, Kuchiki the crooked leg. She have an 'accident' when still very little and now her front left paw are crooked. Poor thing. The only survivor of three, so I bring her to live with me in Berverly with the other three kitten.

I didnt go the Cats Show. I dunno if I should have go. I heard there was an entrence fee. Not a problem with me cos we have free access. But I just didnt go. I mean, with all the big, healthy and carefully choosen breed, while mine at home are tabby, one-eyed, crooked leg and down-right crazy, I think I'll stick with the ones who have endure the hardship of nature.

Ya, I'll just say that my cats are gifted.

Aug 14, 2008

Cat Lover Exhibition

Yup, this coming 23rd and 24th there will be an international cat show at Sabah Trade Centre. I definitely will be there, or at least I'll try to.

Like the title of this post, I'm more interested in looking at the cat's lover than the cats (maybe). If half of the visitor are male, then, I'm not a freak like 'some friends' said I am. Ya maybe true that mostly, only auntie-auntie or granny-granny likes to pets cats. But I don't think there is a rule anywhere stating that cats are for grannies. Stop calling me freak.

Anyway, I'm expecting to see male visitors/cat lover/owner, but main point is ~ female cat lover! Yay! Oh, I mean, a female person who likes cats, not a person who like female cats.

So, here..

I'm looking for Turkish Van, actually and truly. (and chix cat lover)

Aug 8, 2008