Apr 29, 2009

Almost there

While editing, sa nda tahan tu tangan mo conteng2. So here another "Digital Wallpaper":

Standing Watch (The Hero in Me)

...and editing photos from the recent outing was fun. Super fun actually. 1st, because of bamboo tablet; 2nd, those guys are super great; 3rd, I got to learn new skill and photo editing just plain fun for me.

Here another preview:

My face are all sunburned but who cares? I still WANT to jump! Yay! (sot...).

Apr 28, 2009

Hot = Laziness

People complaining about the hot weather. It's the end of the world as we know it. But take it easy. Like me, I'm blaming the "hot weather" for my laziness (actually alasan ja baitu abis sa lambat mo upload gambar last Sunday punya outing photos).

So, tiba-tiba I drawn another 1200x800 resolution wallpaper for you. (Yes photo editing susah.. drawing senang).Here, please download. Hehehehe...

Fishing outing anyone?

Ok, here are one photo to cool down:

This will be in my Outing Series 003 (Melohom Bay 26/04/2009).

...and Outing Series 002 (Paintball War Games 25/04/2009) are all uploaded in my Facebook.

Me=camera shy kunun, tapi pandai juga tingu kamera.

OK, really need to be offline. Too much distraction.. nah.. another email notification from FB. To click or not to click...

Apr 25, 2009

See Kofe glow.

Meet Kofé, my sister's puppy.

Golden glow.

Exploring the green world.

Apakah benda yang memanjang, lembut, berekor dan mengigit?

Apr 23, 2009


A step forward
finally free, he thought.

"Oh really?" a whisper from the back.

*We walk, we move, we RUN toward for brighter future, but our past will always haunt us, hold us back, even if we didn't realise it. We are today, a ghost of our future.

Apr 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Aiyah... today is Earth Day (22nd April 2009). Check Google logo. Well, I've blog about this but I still voted the other party for a better leader (doesn't make sense but oh well).

So here a quick contengan using mouse (kelang-kabut update baini).

Apr 21, 2009

[Wake Up]

They said she was weird.
She talked by herself and
play all by herself.

She walks alone to school.
When she cried, she'll suddenly stop and smile.

She died of leukemia.

Weird people are human too.

Apr 20, 2009

Monday still rock!

It is good to be unplugged, free from airborne frequencies and standing on solid ground. But job wont let that happen everytime. So here some pixels to be look at (and downloadable).


Umh... undying love?

Survival kit. A must.

..no matter who you are. Acceptance.

I heard birds chirping outside my windows.. and a little voice says "braaaains". *

* A Softer World.

Apr 15, 2009

Google no evil

Just some thought.

Apr 14, 2009

Digital Wallpaper

I created my own 1280x800 widescreen notebook wallpaper. Feel free to download.

Mine at the moment is "Mouse are Awesome".

Apr 13, 2009

Online Comic Review Pt. 3 (WNC)

Still recovering from flu, sitting in the office, facing the windows (the real window, not Gate's Windows), watching the rain, and I think I'm going to do another Online Comic Review.

Now, what should I review... Questionable Content? Ctrl-Alt-Del? VG Cats? Well, this all are my favourite online comics, but I think I'll do the one I most participated with - White Ninja Comics. *duck dance*.

Warning: White Ninja Comics are not for the weak of mind. Well said.

Created by Kent Earle and Scott Bevan, which I'm not sure if these are two persons or 4 persons, White Ninja comics doesn't really have any storyline/timeline or steady input of characters like most of the other online comics. The only regular character is, well, of course - the white ninja, but he is not some kind of hero or the main character. Sometimes, there is no white ninja in White Ninja comics. This doesn't make sense.

White Ninja also not based on an actual comic character. He said "Matthew no more!" but he is no Matthew. He might be a she and he might be a duck as well. I know - you, my beloved reader are lost now, but that's the insanity of White Ninja comics.

...and, to add sugar to the chaos, please also read the Fan's Art section. There are so many wannabes... me included.

Note: Please adjust the colour of your monitor. This comic is purely in Black and White.

Apr 12, 2009


"Pok, pok, pakudandang
otomou, osilou, opurak ko?"

Lens DT 55-200mm F4.0-5.6, Manual exposure, 1/2000 sec at f/9, 200mm. ISO 100, Forced flash (HSS). Date taken: 11/04/2009 9:42AM.
They were once roams this world.
The earth tremble under their feet.
Now they only make
a faint sound
under our feet.

You are lucky if you see one in the wild.


The quoted italic phrase above actually was a song that my mom used to sing whenever they saw tree lizzard/gecko. It was a long time ago when my mom were little and the forest is still full of magic. She told me that the lizzard/gecko will change it's colour each time they sang the song. I'm not sure if we can sing to a gecko now. They'll just disappeared when they see human.

I think the same thing also happen with the mantadak (preying mantis). When I was little, the mantis did make a funny sign or movement when we sing/asked it a question. Now, it'll just stood still or make a slow weak move.

We have lost the forest magic.

Apr 8, 2009

[Miang Bambu]

Terkena miang bambu, gatal betul tangan mo try editing gambar. Since I'm currently not in any 'assignment', no new photos to edit/submit, terpaksalah sa kurik gambar2 lama jadi bahan bikin-hilang-gatal-tangan.

Turned out, sama juga macam using mouse. Cuma a bit laju and more detailed. But it was fun, itu yang penting.. hehehe.. hahaha.. KUAHAHAHA.. silakak ni kucing kasi gali2 tapak kaki sa!

Dodge & Burn.

Painting effect.

In this picture: MsLamau & Joker.

No comment.

Apr 7, 2009

Just monkey (pt. 8)

I've wished for Wacom Bamboo Fun.
It came in a box.
Now I'm flat broke.

Apr 5, 2009

Good ol' photos.

Not so old lah. Just last year. Taken using Canon 400D (I'm still liking that camera). Some of the photos I already uploaded here earlier, but this time I did some (maybe more) post-processing using Photoshop.

Not an HDR. Just Curves, Saturation, Dodge & Burn.

Utilising camera's noise.

This one is taken using Sony HDR-HC5E mini dv-cam.

Father, Daughter, Sun, Sand & Sea. Try saying that as fast as you can. No prize given.

Mushroom Cloud. Sun, Sea, Sky, Clouds and Rain (tiba-tiba ada rain ni... duu'ui).

I'm enjoying photo-editing. I wish for Wacom Bamboo Fun. More of these photos will be uploaded to my Flickr account. Yep, finally I'll be using/maintain that Flickr of mine. Because the photo quality is much better there, beside, you can check the photo information (EXIF) and learn more of the photo (look for Additional Information>More Properties). Trying to edit and keep the EXIF data is a bit tricky at first, but it was easy when you know it.

This set on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mellsilver/sets/72157616269337455/

p/s: suddenlly I remember why I don't like using Flickr.. Bandwidth Limit! adeiii..

p/s 2: i upgraded my Flickr to pro account. oh well....

Apr 3, 2009

Just words (and a very long one).

Oh, this place is beautiful, she said
she run, blushing in the cold air
then she stopped, turning, looking at me
and smile.


This place is still beautiful, she thought
She stood still, in the cold air
She look around, there is no me.

Today my friend (Codename: Jade) sharing with me the story of life.
And death.

Even though I believe in God
I believe in the Promise
and the Hope,
she told me that
we dont have some sort of contract
or agreement
with God,

HE can take us away,
After this.

I really want to go out, now, with my camera, shooting everything, then engulf myself with photo editing. I wish for Wacom Bamboo Fun.

I wish for:
  1. A bungalow
  2. A notebook ::Acer 4920G
  3. Game console ::I stick with Sony PS2
  4. A hand phone ::Not really need phone. credit RM100++ tia juga kana pakai >_<
  5. A DSLR ::Sony Alpha350
    i) additional lens
    ii) external flash
    iii) shutter release
    iv) tripod
    v) lens filter/ND/CPL
  6. A new car
  7. Travelling
  8. Indonesian wife (hahah Timores pun kira tuh kan?)
  9. Cancel item list #8. Already scratch #8
  10. A can of coca-cola. I have one right now.
Or I might just choose an RPG title and shut myself for 2 days playing game. I'm a gamer, not a photographer, I'm proud of it.

And by this month I must finish writing my will. Yes, I will.


Funny, she said "Do you want cake... Can I buy you a cake?"
Politeness and sincerity
I almost forgot, that people still have that.
Well, I almost forgot, that I have

No, not just yet, I said
I look back, from the top of this post, until -here-
Not long enough, said me, oh well.

Apr 2, 2009


What you looking is... was over there.

What a day
To be born.
Believing the love and wisdom all the way.

Like rain and sunny day
Greeting every person
if only we care.

She held me, she bear the pain
Yes, she smile and she is happy
For the rest of her day.

The title
has become I'm
and still
It doesn't make sense.

Apr 1, 2009


It was over here.

This was the day
I'm suppose to be born.
But love and wisdom held me away.

Like a rain on a sunny day
Crying to every person
on a busy day.

She held me, she bear the pain
Yes, she smile and bears the pain
For one more day.

When the title
It will make sense.