Jul 31, 2009

FEFoFaif - Test Shot (macro)

Here are some sample taken using my new Olympus FE-45. Overall performance; sedih. The camera can't focus properly. Auto is the only way out. But I still put my hope in it. Maybe it will spread it wings and fly high if shoot outdoor. I do hope so.

Image size and format is at the largest (at 10MP, Fine, 3648 x 2736), no editing (except watermark).

  • Focal lenght 7.4mm (or 42mm in 35mm equivalent), speed 1/10sec, f3.5, ISO 200. Program AE, no flash. Super Macro.

  • Focal lenght 7.4mm (or 42mm in 35mm equivalent), speed 1/6sec, f3.5, ISO 100. Program AE, no flash. Super Macro.

Well, can't wait to test shoot outside. So until next time!

Jul 30, 2009

Just monkey (pt. 9)

"Oh lookit them
everyone is a shutter-shutter
i wish i could be one.."

So the monkey do his homework
pages after pages he jump in
gone nikon, came canon, so sony
not to forget the olympus
then panned to panasonic
went kodak moment, sing the samsung
even tango with the sanyo.

then the monkey decided on olympus
to take on the challenge
to do the monkey do.

An FE-45, just basic 10MegaPix
a FeFoFai he called it
smiling, he is aiming underwater sea.

Oh the cakars ayam!

This is my first digital compact camera! Yay! sa sungguh sakai! Now, I'm gonna shoot here there anywhere. Now I can do photoblog. Now I can be a photographer. Now I'm... wait... what was I'm before?

Jul 26, 2009

[Come fly with me]

Another "The Hero In Me" series. I'm not a doctor but come, fly with me.

The Witch's Cat and Flying Monkey is watak tetap.

Jul 24, 2009

Rama-rama on the Lake

[Rama-rama on the Lake] - actually what I mean is, A Panoramic View of the Lake. Taken during O2C's Jog for Health campaign/gathering. Location: Likas Sport Centre's Lake. 23rd July, 2009 - afternoon.

  • 180° view of the lake. For larger view, visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/mellsilver/3751315632/
And here is the O2C family in action. Sorry for the unedited version. Edited version will be uploaded to FB and Flickr. (Kalau sa rajin).

  • Not jogging. Do not believe what you see. Those funny people.

  • Sumpit and Clay giving 'healing touch' to Bosing.
Ok, overall, this is a healthy way to stay umh... healthy. (If you didn't know that actually after this they all went to Foh Shang for porridge). Wish for more 'healthy' outing again, guys!

*Edit: Edited version already uploaded to FB. Remember, photo quality on FB is very poor.

Jul 15, 2009

[Loud Silence]

The silence is so deafening I can't hear myself thinking.

In The Room the darkness is blinding.

p/s: Downloadable.

Jul 11, 2009

Stereoscopic [Experiment #1]

My first attemp to do a stereoscopic photography. For those who know about stereoscopic, please view the image(s) below and tell me what do you think.

If you haven't heard about it, please check wiki or the stereoscopic page.

Basically, all you need is to stare, stare, stare until you passed out.

Ok, if that didn't help, look at the white dot and the red star under the image, crossed your eyes (kasi juling itu mata) until the dot and star meet with each other. (Kasi juling mata sampai tu titik putih sma tu bintang mirah bercantum).

  • Using single camera. After taken the the first photo, I moved the camera a few centimeter to the right and took the second photo. The more the distance between 1st and 2nd, the more depth it will have.

After you feel comfortable, look at the 'combined' image and you'll see that it'll have a 3D effect.
(Some might not see it because my eye type it 'straight' while some 'cross'. Check www.stereoscopy.com gallery for some example).

8:47 pm: Another photos just added:

  • No guiding points. Just apply the same technique.

  • I think this one is harder. *Sakit kepala*

Jul 10, 2009

Neko Shelter (pt. 4)

Another 2 more family members since last month. Courtesy of Kiko "Bihau" Kimukle. Hehehe. Sadly, one of the kitten have crooked legs. Both hind legs. Kesian.

  • Two-dots and the crooked Black-head.

  • Kici-kici lagi suda pandai bergaya. Suda besar mo jadi model ni.

And much before that - 3 more kittens. Born around Earth Hour (somewhere around March). Mother: Dazzle Betsy "To'onong".

Name? Ya they got names, but later la sa bagitau.

  • Group photo.
Since they were born before I went camping at Mamutik with Kuai & Friends, I might name them Kuai, Zi and Farantey. Kidding.

And also, the older cats. (Kiko Bihau is not available for photography, she jaga anak).

  • Cat with personality problem.

I don't have time to get my flash, so I just use the pop-up flash.

Active as always.

Jul 9, 2009


Busy with report, editing, overdue wedding photos... but still have time for this:

Later I'll upload the blogger version of this, since YouTube is banned from our network. This will do, for now.

Jul 5, 2009

Celebrating Fourth of July.

Why not?

Since we don't actually celebrate US' Independence Day, so I created my own fireworks.

Digital/electrical fireworks. Star-effect flares courtesy of Kuai.

And some night photography too.

We love our Earth's companion...

...and reflection on the water too.