Aug 31, 2011


I was just about to login to our office helpdesk system when the small Google logo caught my attention. So I opened Google main page. Here it is:

Google - Merdeka Raya


How nice it is? Malaysia’s double celebration - Independence Day and Eid ul-Fitr (Hari Raya AidilFitri)- made it to Google Logo.


TSM4 says: Go! Gooooogle!

Aug 29, 2011

Back to me.

I was browsing at my Facebook “Photos and Videos of you”, looking at the old photos of me (yea, I activated my FB account again), and I was thinking, “OH MY GOD I’M THAT FAT?!”

I’m still ‘fat’ at this moment but I’m losing weight. I’m trying to trim down the fat around my waist. I might be not doing the right diet but I’m too depressed to eat properly. I used to be happy. Painful but happy. All that left now was painful. I deserved happiness. Everyone is. That’s maybe the reasons why she left.

Me and myself.
Acerrima proximorum odia.

Aug 28, 2011

Letting go.

Been part of me for years, now I have to let go. All the memories…
I mean, my finger nails.
Monster Claws
One of my finger nail broke, so I cut them all as I have promised myself to cut it all if even one of them is broken.
Well, I guess I wont get that ‘attraction’ anymore when going out taking photo.
Most memorable was during the trip to Cambodia, where kids surrounded me and the local pulls my hand so they can see if it is real or not.
There you go. Now gotta find that nailcutter.