Sep 27, 2011

Google is 13? Really?

Today’s Google Doodle says it’s Google’s 13th birthday. I googled, then I wikied. Can’t find any info on this specific date link to it’s claim for birthday. Anyway, Happy Birthday. You’ve ruined everything (and I liked that).

Googles 13th Birthday 2011

I trust everything you said, Google. Blame it to the internet.

Sep 23, 2011

Like the 80’s.

I’ve been having this idea for so long and today I saw my friend’s iPhone cover that trigger the idea to art doodle.

80's Cassette Tape

There. For the 80’s and the 90’s.

(And here are the original idea):
Play Cassette
So which is better?

Sep 9, 2011

Book 2: Silver and Oath

Book 2: Silver & Oath
Book 2 is about an ongoing project..

Ok, I lied. That not even a book. It just a cover profile picture of me on Facebook. But it can be considered a book if you like and read it; warning tho- like my blog, it is totally a time waster so go ahead.

(Book 1: Missing, Presumed Dead is somewhere out there in the digital/analog world).

It is not that I’m going to go full blast on FB, I’d closed my account before, joined the fb hater forums, fb ethical hacking and mostly because I simply feel better when I did. Probably the account will be closed again. For me, I think it as a portal to another realm, where when I go inside, meet with people I know, talk with people I don’t know, sometimes found out that the persons I know in the real world was fake and the real him/her is in there, in the fb. So I’ll just play along in this realm, until I reach the exit portal. Then start over again (hint: coming soon – Book 3: The Settlers).

But if you think I have negative perspective for FB, it is not. If you can read my wall, if you can hear me talk in there, then you are the most cherished friends and a treasure worth sharing. For those who haven’t found me, and I haven’t found yet – there, me at

(Shameless self promotion).

Sep 6, 2011

It is done.


Because I am weak.

Sep 5, 2011

Rich “Midtone” Masarap

This is Rich “Midtone” Masarap. Or simply Miton (Mitton, Mitonn… as long the sound is right). He is a mixed breed of.. er.. I dunno… a female dog and a male dog?

Anyway, he is now about 1 year plus. Almost died when he about 1-2 months old because of tick attack. Really, really bad that I gave up all hope and was ready to send him to the vet to sleep. But he survived. Stronger than ever. I wonder maybe si girl kasi makan dia viagra vitamin kali.

The name was a combination of jokes. Rich as in “kaya” and Masarap (delicious). So Rich Masarap sound like “very full of taste”. ^_^
Then my father named him Miton (actually local language “au mit ton” or “o-mit ton” meaning someone who can’t stay quiet for a long time – please correct me ‘cos I‘m not good in Kadazan). Miton is very active, and will hump almost everything if he able. Will attack bucket, dipper but loves when given a bath.

Miton's WallpaperCurrent MittonMidtoneMitonnMittonElegant MasarapLittle Mischief Mitton
Here you go.

Sep 1, 2011

On the road again.

Patience is the cure for all suffering.
Patience is the cure for all suffering. Don’t get me wrong. This time I’m not going to wait. I’ve pick myself from where I was left, and moving on. Fast. And far. Because time will only move forward. Tempus neminem manet.