Nov 11, 2012


One of our favorite period during school days is, well, beside classes with MIA teacher, was co-curricular period.

Audio and Visual cocurricular activity was fun, eventho' much of the movie that was choosen to be shown was outdated or already seen. Hey it was the VHS era and most latest movie was like 2-6 months old before it came to our video rental shop. Anyway, one fine afternoon, we were hushed to the AV room and the video tape player was playing movie that I've already seen but some of the students haven't, so it was fun to see them screemed and reacted to the thrill and suspense. Best moment was, during one of the intense suspense action, the video player malfunctioned and the class monitor trying desperately to fix it but no success. Being familiar with electronic equipment, I went and adjusted one setting on the player and it goes back normal. All of the other students looked at me like I just have done magic.

But the most memorable was, after the movie ended, there this one guy (that guy who think he look like Jason Priestly - see my previous post), who was watching this movie in silent, turned to the guy next to him and asked in confusion, "Mana juara sepak dia?"

We were watching Jurassic Park.

2 colours rainbows:

kukuanga said...

masih hidup kaini si Jason?

Merl•Revlis said...

Sa pun tia sure. Last i heard time kami masi sikul, he been targeted by a gay...i mean a guy who likes good looking school boy. It was funny back then but when think about it now, it was scary and sad.