Dec 30, 2012

Five, keropok golden rings..

We used to create and sings our own '12 Days of Christmas' in Form 4. I've forgotten the rest of the lyrics but I remember when we goes 'Fiiiveeeee, keropok Golden Riiiings...' and of course keropok Golden Rings were famous during our time. The idea was T. Rizal B's, and he used to changed every lyrics he knows to something else. Or just changed the song titles. I'm not sure the originality of the titles like 'Under the Bo'bot', 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon on the Lolok Tree' or some other malicious sounding song titles but I guessed every teenagers or school boys did this in their time.

Okay back to the present time. If the 1st day of Christmas is on the 25th Dec, I guessed the 5th day is on the 29th. So next year's 5th day of Christmas sa mo golden ring la...oh wait...lama juga. Ahahaha. Anyway congratulations to my friend, the kakak of our life (hahahaha) for her engagement today 30th Dec 2012. And after for so long, I've finally reunited with the original 'pixelayerions' and also the rest of the teams. I guessed, 2012 is not so bad at all. No, wait, I think it's the best...(if only the government let me wrote the year as 0000 After Apocalypse). So, congratulation again, Girl.

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Girllyen Marcie said...

nangis.. thank u merl.. *baru sy nampak ni*

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