Jan 3, 2013


First blog for the 2013. It goes 3-1-13.

Alright I've made a few changes to my blog layout. The first is to disable Mobile template that enable viewer to view this page in simple and adjusted to their mobile screen. I liked it but since I'm using tab to browse/blog, I found it very annoying to re-type the blog address so that my iPad can view it with normal desktop template. For example, if I opened my blog on this device, it goes http://www.mellsilver.com/?m=1 which is mobile template. To view it on it's original template, I have to put 0 on the last letter - http://www.mellsilver.com/?m=0. (That ?m= probably means mobile version while 0 means off and 1 is on). Good thing there were setting to turn it off in blogger.com (or also to change to another nice mobile template).

Another thing is, I've put a photo header on this blog. It took me some time because I didn't know the size of my header. Its a trial and error. After that, I combined two different photos, so there's a Godzilla with Mt. Kinabalu on the background. Finally, I'd make it gradient-ly transparent. Nothing much actually. I did this just now in the office. Probably I have too much time. Now, I have something to blog on. Thank you. And Happy New Year 2013.

(Oh I almost forgot: I've put Instagram icon below the header, but mine is private, so feel free to request).

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