Feb 10, 2013

#tgif 10022013

This is the only month where we can tweets or updates FB status with 'tgif'...everyday. And the only month where we can get February the 13th on the year 2013th. Yes, triskaidekaphobia-ed everything. If only we can get 31 days in February, we'll have a nice 31022013. Ok it settled, March the 3rd will be 31st February.

Wait, I think I've done 'February of Horror' some time ago.

Also today is my 3rd day having flu. According to my Chinese astrology reading, year of the Water Snake doesn't goes well with my zodiac. So here, I'm gonna stop and get my rest.

And this is how I'm wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Snake. (CNY-themed photo will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned).

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